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Machine Learning, Activated

AI Applications for Marketers

Customers expect timing, simplicity, and personalization. To deliver on these expectations, marketers need a data-driven relationship.  

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Building an Analytics Foundation for AI

In the next 5-10 years, AI will improve our standard of living in the same richter scale as did electricity and the internal combustion engine for our forefathers.  Every facet of our lives, business, law, medicine, government, education, and other areas where our

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Real time streaming will transform businesses.  Learn more about it and how it will give early adopters a competitive edge.

There will be growing importance of real time streaming with AI.  But what exactly is real time streaming? And how does it work?  These are common questions asked by CMOs when discussing ways to increase marketing revenues though AI.   Learn more about it in depth.

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In the next few years, we will see a growing prevalence of Big Data and AI technologies working together to deliver AI with not only precision, but with speed

As AI becomes more mainstream, there will be greater focus to deploy Spark and Storm topologies to deliver intelligent decisions within milliseconds. This is also known as real time streaming.

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Constructing a data-driven approach for the right message in the right place at the right time…

The customer is not always right, but now more than ever the customer is in control…

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In its simplest form, The Data Hub is a cloud based data warehouse designed to consolidate multiple data sources into a single repository

This connection gives marketers a full view of consumer behaviors across media and offline (CRM), enabling learnings that would not be realized from a single data source

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