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Make smarter media investments and tactical decisions with in®Attribution.

Leveraging machine learning technologies

Invertible leverages machine learning technologies with sophisticated statistical modeling to empower marketers with a true value of multi-device, cross-channel, and mobile app campaign data.

Ensuring the highest degree of accuracy

Our marketing science team first applies deterministic data to a fractional-based methodology that ensures all points of influence are scored with the highest degree of accuracy. Top-down, probabilistic data is then layered in for a complete model of your marketing eco-system.

Analyses of consumer paths for every individual that take into account both converters and non-converters
Initial baseline valuations that provide a measure to assess incremental marketing investments.
Processing of impression data to better quantify reach and frequency effect of advertising
Matching of offline and online data for closed-loop insights and more informed campaign optimizations
Simultaneous modeling of consumer-level and aggregated parameters for a clearer picture of brand equity and word-of-mouth value
Inclusion of advertising diminishing returns into modeling for greater confidence in forecasted value