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Data Warehouse

Make informed marketing decisions using reliable, comprehensive data that paint a 360 view of your marketing ecosystem.

Relevant, Reliable Infrastructure

Marketers constantly face an influx of new and evolving data. Without a relevant BI infrastructure, data becomes complex, fragmented, and unreliable.

Seamless Transparency

We integrate all your data sources to give you seamless transparency to your customer, media, transaction, and 3rd party data in a single view.

Custom Frameworks

We build a Data Warehouse tailored to your marketing ecosystem connected at the lowest granularity – at the customer level.

Relational SQL Databases

  • Get full transparency of customers both in depth and breadth
  • Analyze individual customers, down to the behaviors within a specific session
  • Connect individual behaviors and transactions across all media touch points, own, paid, earned, and offline
  • Democratize your data to the organization through drag and drop analysis cubes
  • Shift resources from managing data and reporting to analyzing and understanding customers
  • Enrich your data by storing 3rd party, syndicated, and public data such as Twitter, Google Adwords opportunity reports, and many more
  • Store sensitive and PPI data in our HIPAA-certified and SOC 2 compliant Datamart to tie anonymous web behaviors to personal customer information
  • Establish single source of truth
  • Integrate our turn-key Datamart with existing enterprise data warehouses

Big Data Environments