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Powerful visualization is a great source of information. Knowing how to act on that information is even greater. Invertible not only shows you the story, we help you write it.

Mapping algorithms

  • Know your advertising share of voice at any moment and which channels offer the greatest opportunity for your growth strategy
  • Understand customer personas across media-channels, which audience traits offer the greatest LTV, and where to reach them
  • Forecast with confidence against different media scenarios for optimal planning
  • Learn how brand sentiment fluctuates against campaign initiatives and where to address problematic areas
  • See how you’re benchmarked against competitors within the ad space and what measures you can take to improve positioning
  • View audience saturation points across social advertising and discover optimal cadence tactics
  • Stay in-tuned with categorical performance on search and tap into new keyword suggestions that boost results

Plug-in technology

  • Push model-derived customer segments to search, social, and display platforms for enhanced campaign targeting
  • Manage email cadence based on recency of visit and propensity toward conversion
  • Adjust marketing budgets based on changing channel behaviors and trends
  • Personalize site experiences based on customer centric behavioral signals

Interactive dashboards

  • Pre-built, interactive views empower team members of all skill-levels to discover meaningful insights fast
  • Customization allows you to highlight what matters most to your program with visual takeaways
  • Scheduled reporting keeps stakeholders abreast of current and forecasted trends
  • Automated alerts assure you’re always in-the-know with critical information
  • Dedicated service team to provide you ongoing training and support